The ONA Block is ideal for small areas such as closets, foyers, attics, cars, gym bags, boats, kitchens, garbage cans, cupboards or vents. Simply remove the cap, or punch several small holes in the cap and place in desired location. The ONA Block measures 3” × 3” and will fit in most places.

The ONA Block will release its powerful odor neutralizing agent and keep the location free from undesirable odors. Replace as necessary.

Available in our popular scents: Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal, and now in the incredible new ONA PRO. This amazing new formulation has been well received by our customers and they are constantly finding new uses for the ONA Block.

ONA Block PROONA Block PRO – Excellent for Diaper Pails

For any family with a new baby – you will love the ONA Block PRO. Do you have a diaper pail? Then you know the kind of odors that can make the baby room unpleasant. To solve that problem, simply remove the lid from the block and place in the bottom of the pail. The unpleasant odors are gone – quickly and easily. The best part is that the active ingredients in the ONA Blocks are plant based, and therefore safe to use around people, plants and pets.

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